IMG_1566My name Elinam literally means “God is there for me” wow! My parents are awesome for this! I love my name!

I am a happy child from the Volta Region of Ghana, from a tender age I developed a love for creativity, playing with clay and dismantling radio sets at every opportunity, you can imagine the spanking I got. Unbelievable!! Haha (My parents were not so awesome this time, hahaha)

IMG_2050I have always had a very active imagination but I was timid and shy, my confidence grew around age 10 when I was selected for the Debate Team in my Junior High School, this propelled me to higher heights than I could have ever imagined, I believe it was a major milestone in my life that opened up a whole new me – lets call that Eli 2.0


I also have a very curious mind, I want to know why things work the way they do and how they work. I am awed at the awesomeness of the Creation and I stand in awe of the Creator, His design skills are just out of this world! The way things fit together? WOW!! This desire to know was so great that as a child I even preferred National Geographic documentaries to cartoons. (Nerd huh? lol)


I was an avid reader as a child and it has never left me. I still love reading and now I write! I believe that writing reveals your soul so I write and I write and I don’t stop.


I love to travel, again another consequence of my curiosity, how else to satisfy a curios mind than to travel and see?

My dreams to travel recently started becoming reality, I have started some inland tours of my own and all I can say is my country is beautiful!!! Go Ghana!


Stay connected and I will share my adventures with you. Let’s call this new development Eli 3.0


I am generous and compassionate, I will help when I can and if I can’t I will try to get someone who can to help.

I believe that everyone has special gifts and talents to use for a specific purpose, a purpose that they alone can fulfil because our sweet Heavenly Father willed it to be so; therefore, I actively encourage people to grow their talents and skills, I look out for passionate people and if they are willing, I will help them achieve their full potential.

I am the cheerleader you will see behind a passionate person who is willing to put in the work to be great.



Finally, and most importantly I believe in Love, the true definition of Love is Jesus and I believe in His unconditional love, reading about it showed that;

  • it was simple,
  • it was available for all
  • and it was straight to the point.

To be like Jesus; this is my life’s mission – to love like Jesus loved.



41 thoughts on “Elinam

  1. Hello Eli. Its very interesting. Allah always keep you happy & give u lots of strength. May all your Dreams & Wishes comes true. You are very sincere humble & beautiful woman as i see i met. I always tells my college my boss & other friends that Elinam Horgle the director of J.K Horgle she is Amazing she is running a big company i know her & met her once personal. I really appreciate that. U have long journey you will live long long long life. Ameen. Take Care

  2. Eli u inspired me after absorbing that’s tersed bibliography of ya self. It’s reli a source of inspiration and yeah I love and admire the God factor aspect of u. You are real.

    Call me Hodrick.

  3. That was very inspiring & awesome my dear. God richly Bless you and will get in touch with you. Please do take care my dear.

  4. I knew this day would come, when I sit and watch you working so hard from my house, God richly bless you for all these…… MAXOUT

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